Fade Away

Fade Away is track 3 from the album Focal Point.

This song was born from a dream about some games I used to play with my brother when we were small. We used to walk on this really big wall…



Track 2 from the album Focal Point. A song about the environmental legacy we are leaving for our children.

Where have all the flowers gone
The fields where we once played
The grass is green in photographs
And now it’s…


Focal Point

Track 1 - Title track from the album Focal Point. An instrumental that starts with the simple tune of chopsticks and develops to a crescendo of a double harmony guitar solos.

I wrote this to musically describe my own musical…


Where have I been?

Be careful what you wish for! I always wondered what that meant? 

When I was working at my real job I used to dream of having a recording studio and whiling away the days writing songs, playing the guitar and…

P'dice Reviewed On "Hooked-on-music" - German

Habt Ihr zuvor schon mal von den Bands GABRIEL oder RIPPED & RIVERSEA gehört? Ich auch nicht. Aber einen der Musiker dieser beiden Gruppen, den kenne ich nun. Paul Cusick heißt der Mann, kurz Q, und er war bei den…

P'dice Reviewed on DaMusic - Dutch

Als twee van ’s werelds beste drummers op je plaat willen meespelen, moet je wel uit het goede hout gesneden zijn. Na het goed ontvangen debuut,  ‘Focal Point’, moet Paul Cusick op ‘P’dice’ (kort voor prejudice) definitief bevestigen. De Britse…

P'dice Reviewed By Jerry Lucky

Some folks love the collaborative efforts of being in a band. Others just get the urge to do things on their own. It was the later that finally caught up with Paul Cusick. After spending time as lead guitarist…

P'dice Reviewed On - French

Si le premier album de Paul CUSICK « Focal Point », n’avait pas provoqué chez moi une quelconque hystérie, et bien il n’en est pas de même sur cet opus appelé étrangement « P’Dice », et pour le coup cette…

P'dice Reviewed In Background Magazine

At first the name Paul Cusick did not ring a bell, than I found out he spent his time playing guitar in Gabriel and in some lesser known bands. After reading my colleague's review of his first album Focal Point

P'dice Reviewed on - Polish

Podobał się nam płytowy debiut Paula Cusicka (o albumie „Focal Point” 2010 pisaliśmy na naszych łamach dwa lata temu – bezpośredni link tutaj), zachwyciły nas utwory wypełniające tę płytę, poruszyły dźwięki układające się w przyjemną w odbiorze, pełną emocji,…

P'dice Review from - German

Mit seinem zweiten Album „P'dice“ macht Paul Cusick da weiter, wo er mit „Focal Point“ aufgehört hat. Perfekt gespielter, atmosphärischer, melodischer, packender New Artrock, der sich geschickt alle Möglichkeiten zu nutze macht, die moderne Studiotechnik so bieten. Cusick spielt wieder…

P'dice Review from - Dutch

Je hoeft er niet lang over na te denken waar Paul Cusick de mosterd vandaan haalt, want je hoort inderdaad verschillende referenties stevig doorklinken in zijn muziek. Er wordt opzichtig geflirt met Porcupine Tree en vriendelijk geglimlacht naar Pink Floyd…