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"I am humbled that you are taking time to listen to my music. I hope you like it enough to buy it and help fund my next project. If not perhaps you know someone who may appreciate what I have done? If so please recommend my music. That would make my day. Thank you. Have a lucky life"

Latest Album P'dice

Debut Album Focal Point



"A tremendously fabulous album" Sea Of Tranquility

"P'dice is a brilliant album - 4.5/5" - Background Magazine

"Take a dollop of Porcupine Tree, a dose of Mostly Autumn, a dash of Peter Gabriel and a dusting of Dave Gilmour and you’re not a million miles away musically, but Cusick is forging his own identity, this time round adding breathy intimacy and brave self-exposure to a set of cleverly crafted songs that are challenging, emotionally raw and understatedly post-progressive."
- Classic Rock Society

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Focal Point

"A fine album" - Music Street Journal

"9/10" - Prognaut.com

"8/10" - Dutch Progressive Rock Page DPRP.net

"Excellent" - ProgArchives.com

"Amazing" - Background Magazine

"Surprising solo debut" - Seaoftranquility.org

"Order a copy now" - Metalmanic

Read reviews at Amazon.co.uk ( 27 Customer Reviews )

Read reviews at Amazon.com ( 15 Customer Reviews )

"The must have album for all lovers of great rock music" - Q


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